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ERC Publications

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  • KOK R. & MOSQUERA VALDERRAMA  I.J. (2018), The Netherlands. In: Rosenblatt P., Tron M. E. (Eds.) Anti-avoidance measures of general nature and scope – GAAR and other rules. Cahiers de droit fiscal international / Studies on international fiscal law no. 103(a): SDU. 5-22 (book chapter)
  • MOSQUERA VALDERRAMA, I.J., MAZZ, A., SCHOUERI, L.E., QUINONEZ N., WEST C., PISTONE, P & ZIMMER  F. (2018), Tools Used by Countries to Counteract Aggressive Tax Planning in Light of Transparency, Intertax 46(2): 140-155 (double blinded-peer review) (article in journal)

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