Alfredo Collosa

Alfredo Esteban Collosa is e-learning expert and consultant in Tax Administration for the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) and a  member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA). Previously, he worked in a short-term assignment for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He also served as the Head of Review and Appeals Department for the Argentinian Tax Administration (AFIP). He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Finance and Financial and Tax Administration and Specialization on Tax Administration. Public Accountant and Specialist in Taxes, Alfredo has published eight books and more than 180 articles in journals, bulletins and international organizations blogs. Lecturer and speaker in more than thirty conferences around the world, he currently holds a Research fellowship on Digitalization of Tax Administration in Europe, in the framework of the Jean Monnet Project (2019-2021).

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