Articles and Book Chapters


MOSQUERA VALDERRAMA I.J. (2018), Output Legitimacy Deficits and the Inclusive Framework of the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Initiative, Bulletin for International Taxation 72(3) (article in journal)

MOSQUERA VALDERRAMA I.J. (forthcoming 2019), The Role of National Governments, in Global Tax Governance: How to achieve Fairness for Developing Countries in Who Pays for Canada? Taxes and Fairness (eds. E. Heaman and D. Tough). McGill-Queen’s University Press, Canada. Book chapter (peer-reviewed)

MOSQUERA VALDERRAMA I.J. (forthcoming 2019), The Netherlands and BEPS, in Tax Design and Administration in a Post – BEPS Era: A Study of Key Reform Measures in 18 Countries (eds. K. Sadiq, A. Sawyer and D. Bronwyn McCredie) Fiscal Publications, Australia. Book chapter (peer-reviewed)


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